Thursday, September 22, 2011

Get Off to a FRESH and Healthy Start

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Power up at FRESH with a nutritious breakfast that will energize you throughout the day.

At FRESH, you'll find a wide range of healthy breakfast options. If you're in the mood for something lite, try one of our Yogurt Parfaits, available in strawberry-peach or blueberry-raspberry. For those with larger appetites, you can delight in any of our breakfast sandwiches with scrambled eggs. Try them as a wrap or panini, grilled to perfection.

And of course, no breakfast is complete without a freshly squeezed juice. Whether your tastes are basic (apple and orange), or more exotic (such as our cholesterol-busting blend of apples, carrots, ginger and garlic), all our fresh squeezes pack a nutritional punch that can't be beat. Finish things off with a 100% organic coffee, and you'll be ready to take on whatever comes your way today.

It's an extraordinary health experience unlike any you've ever tasted - only at FRESH - Healthy Cafe!

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Friday, July 15, 2011

Drink from the Fountain of Youth

The life-giving properties of the fountain of youth are legendary. This summer, guzzle from its waters at FRESH - Healthy Cafe.

Okay, so perhaps the fountain is more mythical than real. But the anti-aging properties of the acai berry are more than real, and on full display now at FRESH.

Our all-new Acai Lemonade Smoothie is the perfect summer beverage. We blend pure organic acai with frozen blueberries and fresh lemon to produce a tangy, delightful taste sensation that satisfies your summer thirst - and your body's nutritional needs.

If it's a lite lunch you're looking for, you can do no better than our brand new Berry Burst Wrap (also available as a salad). Start with fresh spring mix, add mandarin oranges, red onion, cranberries, almonds, pumpkin seeds and feta, and top with our one-of-a-kind house-made acai vinaigrette dressing for flavor that can't be contained.

And for a guilt-free dessert sure to bring a chill to the hot summer days, try our new Acai Banana Sundae: non-fat frozen yogurt drizzled with house-made acai-blueberry sauce, and topped with fresh banana slices and a crispy wafer.

It's an extraordinary health experience unlike any you've ever tasted - only at FRESH - Healthy Cafe Kelowna!

Fresh Healthy Cafe Kelowna
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Monday, June 20, 2011

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Put the Chill on Thirst This Summer with an Iced Coffee or Tea in Kelowna

It may still be summer, but a chill is sweeping across FRESH - Healthy Cafe in Kelowna!

With a menu full of healthy, refreshing beverages, there's no shortage of options at your Kelowna FRESH Restaurant when it comes time to cool down this summer.

Icy fruit smoothies, fresh squeezed fruit and vegetable juices - we've got something for everyone... including coffee and tea lovers!

If you need your daily coffee or tea fix but can do without the heat, why not give one of our coffee and tea smoothies a whirl?

Choose from three flavors: Cool Cappuccino, Chai Tea or Matcha Green Tea. Or, try one of our organic iced teas infused with pure fruit juice, topped with a wedge of lemon. Whatever your taste, we've got something to slake your summer thirst.

It's an extraordinary health experience unlike any you've ever tasted - only at FRESH - Healthy Cafe!

Fresh Healthy Cafe Kelowna
269 Bernard Ave, Unit 100
Kelowna, BC V1Y 6N2
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Friday, February 25, 2011

Top 7 Superfoods for Women

We’ve all heard the same ole grocery list of items that women should be eating on a daily basis: wild salmon
for Omega, blueberries for antioxidant, greek yogurt for probiotics, etc. But, gaining steam are a new set of
items that women should take note -- and keep an eye out. These new ingredients are reaching beyond the
shelves of specialty health food stores and available at everyday grocery store aisles and online retailers.
Superfood expert Dr. Lindsey Duncan droppted in to tell us the top 7 new superfoods women should take
notice of.
For more information about Dr. Duncan, visit  or his company site,

Place of origin: Resveratrol can be found in the skin of grapes - therefore, present in any of the vineyards
of the world: from Italy, France, Spain, Chile, etc. to the vineyards of California.
French women have been touting the benefits of Resveratrol for decades with a diet rich with red wine.
What it is: Resveratrol is a potent, protective antioxidant found naturally in the skin of grapes, red wine,
blueberries, cranberries, pomegrantes and a few other natural sources such as Japanese knotweed.
What are the benefits: Resveratrol helps support cardiovascular health, a youthful appearance and
antioxidant levels.
Why it's important for women: Worldwide, 8.6 million women die from heart disease each year. Heart
disease is one of the biggest killers of women, and as women age, their heart health declines; especially
after menopause.
How to incorporate into diet: French women for decades have been getting their share of Resveratrol in
red wine - notoriously known as "The French Paradox."
Dr. Duncan doesn't recommend getting your resveratrol by drinking countless glasses or bottles of red wine.
A high quality resveratrol juice or 100% liquid supplement can contain more resveratrol than 50 to 100
glasses of red wine. He'd recommend resveratrol in juice form. Many grocery stores and big box retailers
like Walmart and Walgreens offer Resveratrol juices right in the refrigerated section.

Goji Berries
Place of origin: Goji berries come from the valleys of the Himalayan mountain region of China, Mongolia
and Tibet.
What it is: Goji berries are small reddish orange berries that look kind of like a tiny chili pepper that grow on
What are the benefits: In Asia, goji is known as the "happy berry" for its ability to support positive moods,
as well as a sharp mind and memory and eye health.
Why it's important for women: Hormones affect women's health, and as they age their health and moodsupporting
hormones decrease.
How to incorporate into diet/everyday routine: Since dried goji berries can be found at places like Whole
Foods, it's easy to incorporate this superfruit into an everyday routine/diet. Sprinkle goji berries on your food
such as oatmeal, yogurt, cereal, on salads, or even bake them into side dishes or desserts.

Place of origin: Mangosteen grows in the jungles of Thailand.
What it is: Mangosteen is a small white-fleshed fruit with a dark purple rind that tastes sweet-like a cross
between a strawberry and a peach.
What are the benefits: Mangosteen contains over 40 xanthones (super-potent antioxidants) that help fight
free radical damage, and keep your bodies inflammatory responses in check.
Why it's important for women: As you age, risk of inflammatory health concerns rise. Plus, it's no secret
that with age comes weaker joints.
How to incorporate into diet/everyday routine: You'd have to fly all the way to Thailand to actually get
fresh mangosteen. Luckily, Mangosteen juice are popping up at specialty grocery stores across the country
in juice and liquid supplement form. You can also make smoothies with these juices with a combination of
fiber, yogurt.

Raw Cacao
Place of origin: The tropical belt: countries within 10°N and 10°S of the equator.
What it is: Cacao (Theobroma cacao) is the purest, rawest form of chocolate.
What are the benefits: Cacao is an antioxidant powerhouse that helps support healthy antioxidant levels
and heart health; plus natural energy, mental alertness and focus.
Why it's important for women: Many women are deficient in the mineral magnesium (which is one reason
why women crave chocolate when it's that time of the month. Magensium supports a healthy heart and
magnesium is needed in order for your body to be able to absorb and utilize calcium.
How to incorporate into diet/everyday routine: Cacao is one of the easiest superfoods to incorporate into
your daily diet and routine. Who doesn't love chocolate?

Seabuckthorn Berries
Place of origin: Sea buckthorn hails from some of the harshest environments of Eastern Asia, Mongolia
and the Himalayan Mountain regions.
What it is: A tiny, sour and pungent orange berry that's no larger than a pea, but packed with vitamin C and
other powerful nutrients.
What are the benefits: Sea buckthorn supports healthy skin, hair and nails, healthy energy and immune
Why it's important for women: Antioxidants are even more important for women as they age.
How to incorporate into diet/everyday routine: Sea Buckthorn in natural form (ie: the berries) is not
typically found at local grocery stores.
However, liquid supplements and softgel capsules are becoming increasingly available at stores and online.
Just a note - It's a very tart, pungent you might light to mix or chase this with a juice or tea.

Coconut Water
Place of origin: Thailand and other tropical regions.
What it is: The liquid extracted from a young, green coconut.
What are the benefits: Coconut water supports the balancing of your body's electrolytes, natural energy
and healthy hydration.
Why it's important for women: Lack of energy is a common complaint of women, often times due to
How to incorporate into diet/everyday routine: Coconut water is in liquid form in and easy to drink. You
can feel the hydration almost instantly when drinking coconut water: It's Nature's hydration drink, which
hydrates without the sugar and calories of most sports/fitness drinks. I'd suggest making coconut water part
of your daily regimen: it tastes great and hydrates better than water.

Acai Berries
Place of origin: Acai berries grow in the Amazon rainforest region of Brazil.
What it is: Acai is a tiny purple berry (and powerful superfruit) that grows on palm trees in the Amazon.
What are the benefits: Acai berries help suport natural energy; healthy hair, skin and nails, and antioxidant
Why it's important for women: Women need protein, fiber, omega fatty acids and antioxidants.
How to incorporate into diet/everyday routine: With a variety of acai products available in the market,
incorporating acai into your daily diet/everyday routine is pretty easy. One easy and popular way to get your
daily dose of Acai is in a delicious chew form - they're about the size of a postage stamp, but can pack some
nutritional punch.

THE VIEW feature:

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Introducing gardein™

gardein™ is a wholesome range of tasty plant-based foods with a meaty texture. It's made from soy plant, wheat and pea proteins, vegetables and ancient grains (quinoa, amaranth,millet and kamut). gardein™ is easy to digest and free of cholesterol, trans and saturated fats. The majority of gardein™ foods are a good source of fiber and low in fat.

It's very high in protein and is considered a complete protein - containing all the essential amino acids. gardein™ is also animal, dairy and egg free, and contains no preservatives or artificial colors. All gardein™ products are certified vegan. Livestock and meat production are responsible for 18% of global greenhouse gasses, making gardein™ an environmentally-friendly alternative.

Why gardein™?

We are thrilled to introduce gardein™ to the FRESH Restaurants chain for a number of reasons. On the customer side, it will help us attract the fast-growing vegetarian and vegan demographic, which is vastly underserved in the
quick service food industry. As the healthiest quick service chain in the industry, we want to lead the way in providing delicious, nutritious vegetarian products.

From a profitabilty perspective, you will find gardein™ to be a very valuable addition to your menu. The food cost of gardein™ products is significantly cheaper than meat. Based on the average prices our stores are paying, gardein™ is approximately 35% cheaper than meat. Every sandwich that a customer orders with gardein™ puts more money in your pocket than the same sandwich made with meat. For this reason, we encourage aggressive marketing of this new product.

Ultimately, gardein™ is not just for vegetarians and vegans. It is for anyone who
wants to live and feel better. For more information, visit

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